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Incense - 韓国産赤杉


A woody, resinous scent which is redolent and calming. Red Cedar is perfect for grounding space whilst promoting relaxation and an air of comfort.

Our Red Cedar incense comes from an old stockpile of dried wood, held by the monastery that produces it. The trees, endemic to a small number of coastal islands in South Korea are no longer available for harvest to allow them to regenerate. We are pleased to present this truly old world incense as a very limited edition offering.

All Subtle Bodies Incense Sticks are pure wood products with no added perfume or fragrance. Each burns with a heavy, yet delicately scented smoke trail.

20 Incense sticks / Burn time 35 minutes each


- Korean Cedar

Binding agent:
- Machilus thunbergii (tabu-no-ki tree)

No other additives, just pure wood <3



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