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The simplest incense, made from only 2 ingredients. Nothing more.

Relax to the woody and earthy fragrance of our carefully selected wood ingredients.

Based in Melbourne and reaching to locations around the world, we explore the woods and processes used in traditional, high grade incense. We share nature's raw materials and offer an exceptional, natural product - free of perfumes, oils and additives.

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Our story

Created from two ingredients. A simple and pure incense. Before lighting we ask you to try smelling the fragrance.

Completely odorless until lit. Why is that?

This is because there are no additives such as fragrances or any colourings in our incense. However, upon lighting your incense you will be enveloped in a relaxing natural scent true to the raw fragrant wood.

Our Japanese style incense sticks contain only two ingredients; the fragrant wood as their name suggests and a natural binding agent from either The Japanese Bay tree (Machilus thunbergii ) or The Brown Beech tree (Litsea glutinosa).

As each incense stick uses a different raw fragrant wood, variations between them are clearly apparent - not only in the scent but also the physical appearance and texture. Subtle Bodies incense is not made with any generic base wood, perfume, oil, colour additives, or bamboo sticks.

Each of our incense varieties are sourced from independent manufacturers worldwide, individually selected for the quality of their incense as well as their connection to proper forestry practice. We make sure to choose manufacturers that have a lasting connection with the plantations that grow the trees as well as a passion for the type of wood they work with. The resulting product is a traditional, pure ingredient incense of exceptional quality - smokey, natural and raw.

Brass Incense Holders

Solid brass incense holders, designed in Melbourne and hand formed by our friends at Soft Baroque in London. Our brass incense holders are free standing, allowing the ash to delicately fall where it may.

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